Comprehensive Approach to Brand Transformation and Operational Efficiency

Developing healthcare business



A manufacturing firm that produces medical products of high standards, aimed to streamline the business process, create a unique position in the market, increase current sales & revenue, have a better customer engagement.


AceNet team did a thorough review of the firm's business and operations, product offerings, packaging, branding, marketing, sales strategies and volume, distribution network, etc. A market and competitive research was also commissioned to better evaluate product positioning and pricing.


AceNet defined SOP (standard operating procedures) and developed a Bridger report to streamline the sales process, standardized the product branding and positioning, calibrated product pricing based on competitive market research. AceNet consultants suggested the introduction of a sales function supported by an incentive based compensation model to accelerate product sales. The business and marketing process was analyzed and a suitable CRM solution was proposed to automate business engagement with customers.


  • Unified Branding*
    Competitive Pricing Strategy *
    Integrative CRM Solution *
    Engaging Marketing Strategy*
    Systematized Organizational Structure*
    Incentive based Compensation Model*
    KPI based dashboard