Strategy advisory & business transformation for a leading marine logistics firm​


The client, a market leader in the marine logistics space was seeking strategy to compete with new players and build upon its quality services and customer engagement to win the large contracts. Organization was seeking advisory around brand repositioning, service defensibility, pricing & contract terms, organizational re-structuring, process improvements, operational efficiencies, etc. to reposition and further improve the revenue and margins.


AceNet team thoroughly reviewed the entire business covering sales, client engagement, operations, finance, technology, etc. and identified the factors affecting the firm's business growth, financials, and operations. The team examined the client’s business operations, conducted workshops & interviews with leadership, middle management, evaluated their existing technology, products and so on. A market and competitive research was commissioned to better evaluate service offerings, positioning and pricing.


AceNet delivered the entire exercise in a phased-manner leading organization re-structuring, bringing positive culture in the organization to focus on sales driven approach, implementing HR policies, establishing SOP (standard operating procedures) for operations. Team further identified new sources of revenue and implemented a sales plan to keep tabs on new leads and grow existing accounts. Led technology adoption by implementing CRM, Service Desk, IT Bug Tracker, HRMS, etc. to increase efficiency. Reviewed the spend on IT development and infrastructure and brought down the cost of infrastructure down by 50%. Currently advising on and evaluating new potential business endeavors for the organization withing logistics space.