Business planning and financial modeling for an EV startup


A well-established logistics firm, ventured into e-Mobility fleet and charging infrastructure to gain from the strong government push for Electric Vehicles. The firm engaged AceNet to build the business and financial model for setting up 100+ EV charging stations across India. AceNet team was tasked to prepare a sustainable and profitable business plan with clear ROI to investors.


AceNet team researched the market for EVs and studied the government policy support and initiatives to push EVs. We designed the TOM (Target Operating Model) for EV charging infrastructure set up with the client's business team. Further, we developed the "asset-light" and "self-sustaining" approach to the business model and defined the financial model, revenue streams and OEM partnerships around it.


A well-defined business case supported by factual financial model, implementation plan and in-house vehicle fleet, helped client take a Go-No-Go decision, sign strategic revenue-sharing agreements with OEMs and engage investors for fund-raising with an aim to be the leading player in EV space.