Cloud platform evaluation strategy for a global Agri & Food business


A global Agri & food business firm, with operations in Europe, North America, and South America, faced mounting costs and maintenance efforts for its IT infrastructure. To address this, the firm sought to migrate to a cloud vendor. The cloud vendor's initial quote for the five-year migration was $53 million, which was a significant investment for the company.


The firm engaged AceNet to evaluate the proposal and recommend cost-saving alternatives. AceNet compared the existing infrastructure (existing configuration items) with the proposed cloud vendor's offering, assessed the essential services, and based on the analysis suggested a subscription model that would provide value for investment. Additionally, AceNet proposed a usage-based pricing model to help the company save money.


The subscription model's implementation reduced costs from $53 million to $32 million, thereby offering a cost-saving of $21 million over five years and provided the company with improved reliability, scalability, and security. Working with AceNet and migrating to a cloud vendor allowed the company to achieve its goals and remain competitive while improving its bottom line.