IT Infrastructure audit for a leading pedagogy firm​


A leading pedagogy firm committed to delivering quality education across various educational boards faced significant challenges in managing their systems efficiently and cost-effectively. They sought expertise to assess their architecture and provide recommendations to streamline their operational processes.


AceNet enterprise architect team conducted workshops for understanding the current landscape, followed by a detailed As-Is assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses. Following which we did a rigorous comparison between As-Is and To-Be states uncovered gaps in the architecture, forming the basis for our recommendations and delivered multifaceted recommendations, covering architecture, SDLC processes, performance, scalability, security, and maintainability, aimed at addressing identified gaps.


Through AceNet’s recommendations, the system maintained top-notch performance with 60,000 concurrent student logins, ensuring a seamless learning experience with cost-effective operation without compromising performance. Enhanced reliability and scalability accommodated future growth. Improved security and ease of maintenance fortified the system.